European shipowners have welcomed the “positive outcome for the European shipping industry” of the informal teleconference of the Transport ministers at the end of April. “The ministers very much echoed the industry's perspective that a common European approach is urgently needed to manage the impact of the current crisis on European shipping,” said the shipowners’ body, Ecsa.

Ecsa said it “appreciates the special emphasis the ministers put on the organisation of crew changes and their safe work conditions, where a number of member states highlighted the urgent need for a coordinated solution to the issue”.

Following guidelines published by the European Commission, April 8, Ecsa is working through its membership to identify and report the bottlenecks on the ground.

The industry also welcomes the point raised by several ministers that under these unusual circumstances, companies should be given the flexibility to issue vouchers instead of cash reimbursements. Ecsa also extended its gratitude to Transport Commissioner, Adina Ioana Valean, “for stepping up to help alleviate some of the burdens currently faced by the industry”.

Ecsa welcomed the Commission proposal on extending the validity of certain certificates, licenses and authorisations, and postponing certain periodic checks and training in certain areas of transport legislation. ”It is currently impracticable for companies to renew the relevant documents as required by the maritime security legislation,” said Ecsa as long as the flexible and pragmatic solutions do not compromise security.

Filed: 2020-05-04