The strengthening of the country’s energy security is the goal, Alexandra Sdoukou, secretary general for Energy & Mineral Resources at the Environment and Energy ministry, stressed when presenting the ministry’s work during an event held in Piraeus at the initiative of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce.

Referring to Greece's initiatives to strengthen energy security, Sdoukou raised the implementation of energy infrastructure projects, the support of households and businesses, the government policies of the green transition, the programmes for electrification, the energy upgrade of buildings, photovoltaic installations, "Recycle - change device".

  Sdoukou said: "The green transition and sustainable development is the solution to stop the climate crisis, but also sustainable energy development. Our country's goal is to strengthen energy security, with the implementation of energy infrastructure projects and the simultaneous deepening of our strategic alliances.” 

She noted the storage capacity of Revythousa gas terminal off Piraeus has been increased by 70%, while at the same time the operation of the Greek-Bulgarian IGB pipeline and the completion of the FSRU of Alexandroupolis create new conditions and Greece is developing into a pillar of energy stability for the SE Mediterranean region. 

At the same time, hydrocarbon exploration is progressing to further diversify our options while expanding our electrical interconnections in almost all directions, including Italy, the Balkans, and Egypt. 

Sdoukou said that she knows that Piraeus-based WIMA [Worldwide Industrial & Marine Association] has proceeded with the design and development of an emblematic green project, ‘Electric Dream’, which incorporates the new trends, perspectives and challenges brought about by the green transition, the digital transformation as well as the necessity to align with global regulatory standards, mainly the reduction of carbon emissions, that will lead to "green shipping" and congratulated WIMA, for the project. 

President of WIMA, Ilias Hatziefraimidis said: "Especially today, at this juncture where energy issues are at the center of every discussion, it is necessary to properly and responsibly inform all of us about energy issues and the green transition, and Ms Sdoukou is the most suitable person for this."

Filed: 2022-12-21