Greece’s Shipping and Island Policy ministry is releasing subsidies of Euro 30m to islanders and island businesses to help them meet transport needs.  The subsidies were allocated as of December 28, 2022, to eligible parties under the government’s “transport equivalent” programme which offers special discounts for the transportation of goods and people. 

The improvement of Thessaloniki‘s connectivity with global shipping networks and the difficulty facing Piraeus to maintain the dynamics it had demonstrated in previous years are recorded in the new edition of the sectoral study on the Greek port industry GREPORT, which is edited by professors Giorgos Vangelas, Thanos Pallis and Evi Kladaki.

Greece’s Environment and Energy ministry has given the green-light to an initiative to establish a Decarbonisation Fund, with the selection of the contractor who will undertake to assist in its management as well as the establishment of a monitoring mechanism for the implementation of the planned actions.

Rhodes welcomed its first cruise ship of the year on January 1, with MSC's MSC Lirica, built 2002, bringing 1,787 tourists to the popular Aegean Island. The passengers were welcomed with a brief ceremony onboard the cruise ship for the exchange of gifts. 

The LNG terminal in Revithousa, off Athens, is highlighted in a report by US-based CNBC, as the only receiving station for storage and liquefaction of fossil fuel in Greece.  As CNBC points out, from the winter of 2022/23 Europe is entering a new phase in terms of energy, as Russian gas supplies on which Europe was inextricably dependent in order to meet its energy needs are now absent.