Newsfront/ Naftiliaki is a publisher, print buyer and media and event consultant based in Athens, Greece.

Publications include the authoritative NAFTILIAKI GREEK SHIPPING REVIEW, which has been in the marketplace for 60 years, the annual INDEX TO GREEK SHIPPING and the LEISURE & PLEASURE GUIDE.

The editorial team's unrivalled knowledge of the Greek maritime marketplace is also available around the clock at NEWSFRONT.GR on this website.

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The NEWSFRONT.GR internet information service focuses on the worldwide activities of the GREEK SHIPPING community via daily news stories plus regular S&P and newbuilding reports, coverage of ship finance transactions and legislative, maritime policy and other developments affecting the industry. Plus a running bulletin board (On & Off the Akti Miaouli) on staff appointments, new agency representations and other activities linked to the many companies engaged in servicing the GREEK-OWNED MERCHANT FLEET.

The NAFTILIAKI INDEX TO GREEK SHIPPING is a comprehensive directory of the Greek-based shipping-related community, with special attention being paid to Piraeus, the hub of Greek shipping. Divided into seven main sections, the Index covers the whole spectrum of activities associated with one of the world's major contributors to seaborne transportation, from port information to administration contact points,

through marine equipment manufacturers and their representatives to shipping offices and their directors, and the hundreds of companies providing the back-up services a shipping community requires. The Naftiliaki Index to Greek Shipping is your key to the Greek shipping marketplace.

The LEISURE & PLEASURE GUIDE lists a wide range of recommended restaurants, bar-restaurants and tavernas in Piraeus, downtown Athens and the city's northern and southern suburbs. Most tastes are covered, from traditional Greek to international cuisine via Tex-Mex, BBQ, Chinese, Thai and Japanese menus. All listings regularly vetted for quality of food, service and ambiance. Full addresses, contact numbers and information on when open.


MEDIA & EVENT CONSULTANCY: Apart from providing press office and other back-up services to the organisers of the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition, Newsfront/Naftilaki has coordinated on- and off-site receptions, press conferences and media presentations for a number of Posidonia exhibitors.

Newsfront/Naftilaki has successfully been involved in the organisation of the  Religion, Science & the Environment symposium 'The Amazon River: A source of life' held under the aegises of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan aboard ship sailing in the Amazon River, July 2006.

Among other events Newsfront/Naftilaki was the Greek laison office for organising the annual 'Greek Shipping Summit' in October 2010. Founded and organised the 'Building for  the Future' Summit in April 2011 and the 'Greener Shipping Summit' in November 2011.


PRINT BUYER: Newsfront/Naftilaki is skilled in the creation and production of Professional Newsletters for third parties as well as top quality Company Brochures, Catalogues (including that for the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition), Annual Reports (including the consecutive Intertanko Annual Review & Report) and other specialist Advertising and Information materials for shipping and shipping-related businesses.

Our knowledge of the maritime market, the design and production skills we are able to call on, an unwavering commitment to quality and our competitive terms have made Newsfront/Naftilaki a leader in this field, with company brochures for example produced for senior shipping firms such as Anangel American Shipholdings Limited, Bery Maritime, Economou International Shipping Agencies, Naftomar, Sea Power, the Tsakos Group and Tsavliris.